Performance Shooting Training

Performance Based Shooting

Performance Based Shooting, will relentlessly teach you to pursue the mechanics and application of marksmanship, absent tactics or scenario based training. The goal is to build the operators skill set to a high level of proficiency so that they are able to display performance on demand.

A deliberate and systematic approach with significant emphasis on the basics that will leave that offers students the knowledge to self diagnose and build their marksmanship skill at the subconscious level. Just as a boxer must master the fundamentals of basic footwork and develop proper technique before they can effectively employ a strategy in a fight.

A gunfighter must master the mechanics and understanding of his weapon system in order to decrease his cognitive load in the field. This grants him the mental clarity to make sound tactical decisions while applying marksmanship skill subconsciously.

This class will teach you to pursue the mechanics and application of marksmanship.

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